6 Tips To File Your Income Tax on Time

Filing your income tax return on time is essential to staying out of the cross hairs of the Internal Revenue Service. Filing your income tax return early and on time will avoid unnecessary penalties that are levied by the IRS. Here are the Top 6 Reasons To File Your Income Tax Returns On Time. IfView More

5 Tips To Avoid An IRS Audit

The recent economic stimulus bailouts, declining economy and growing deficit will only increase the IRS’ desire to impose an IRS income tax audit. Rest assured that the IRS is going to do everything it can to collect as many tax dollars that they are owed. The Internal Revenue Service projects thaView More

5 Income Tax Preparation Tips

5 tips to make your income tax preparation easy, quick and cost effective. This list is definitely not all inclusive and just scratches the surface on potential tax deductions that you may be entitled. By consulting with a tax cpa about your federal income tax preparation, you can literally save View More

How To Choose a Tax CPA & Tax Preparation Expert

Selecting a tax preparation expert is the most important financial decisionas you will have to make for your family and business. This decision is just as important as your choices regarding retirement planning, household mortgages, business loans, or your children’s education finance planning. View More

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