Tax Preparation Basics

Tax preparation and tax return preparation can be an intimidating task for the average person. Most people need help because the preparation of your tax return can be confusing and in some cases can cost you money. This is the reason many people consult a tax accountant for their tax preparation.

In my article about How to Choose a Tax CPA, I outlined the steps of how to choose the appropriate tax preparer for your tax preparation needs. In the Houston, Texas area J.M. Trippon & Company CPAs has over 25 years of tax accounting experience and has processed over 10,000 federal income tax returns. Our Tax CPA firm can handle all of your personal and business tax planning and tax return preparation needs. Call 713-661-1040 or toll free at 1-800-952-1099 to schedule your FREE tax accounting evaluation. Or you may fill out our online Tax Evaluation Questionnaire.

Once you have set an appointment with Trippon Tax CPA’s, there is a checklist of information that you will need to prepare prior to beginning the tax preparation process. Trippon Tax CPA Houston wants to make the tax preparation process as easy as possible. We will send you a tax organizer that will have all the necessary information required for us to process your income tax return. Prior to meeting with one of our tax accounting experts, you will need to collect all tax records and required income tax documentation. Gather all of your W2’s, 1099’s and other financial receipts and statements. This is to include all income statements from employment, investments, and all other sources of income. Review your tax and income statements to guarantee the information is correct. If you find errors or have questions, contact your employer or financial institution for an explanation. Mistakes are to be corrected prior to being submitted to the IRS on your federal income tax return.

J.M. Trippon & Company CPA’s will then schedule a tax preparation planning meeting to discuss your previous year’s income statements and taxable income. At this time, we will discuss any federal income tax deductions or withholdings that you may apply to your income tax return. This will begin the tax return preparation process. Your income tax return will then be assigned to a tax preparer or tax accountant.

J.M. Trippon & Company CPA’s just does not fill out the tax forms. We take a proactive approach to tax preparation and tax accounting planning. We take a pro-active approach to tax accounting and like to search tax saving opportunities for the future while preparing your current year’s tax return. Our diligent in income tax preparation and income tax planning experience has saved our clients millions of dollars over the past 25 plus years. We continue to research new income tax law policies and tax preparation procedures which we are able pass along the savings to our clients.

For more information on how J.M. Trippon & Company CPA’s can save you money this year on your income tax return preparation, give us a call at 713-661-1040 or toll free at 1-800-952-1099 to schedule your FREE tax accounting evaluation.

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