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Is This Income Taxable?

While most income you receive is generally considered taxable, there are some situations when certain types of income are partially taxed or not taxed at all. To ensure taxpayers are familiar View More

Eight Important Facts about the Health Coverage Tax Credit

The Health Coverage Tax Credit pays 80 percent of health insurance premiums for eligible taxpayers and their qualified family members. However, many people who could be receiving this valuable crView More

5 Tips About First-Time Homebuyer Credit Documentation Requirements

Are you confused about the documentation requirements of the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Deduction? Taking the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Deduction on your 2009 income tax return may result in a biView More

Investment Income Tax Planning For Your Kids

The Internal Revenue Service desires parents to be well aware of the taxation rules that impact their children’s investment income. The following 4 facts will help parents decide whether their View More

Top Nine Facts about Taking Early Distributions from Retirement Plans

Some taxpayers may have needed to take an early distribution from their retirement plan last year. The IRS wants individuals who took an early distribution to know that there can be a tax impact View More

Six Facts on How to GetCredit for Retirement Savings Contributions

If you make eligible contributions to an employer-sponsored retirement plan or to an individual retirement arrangement, you may be eligible for a tax credit. Here are six things you need to know View More

5 Tax Tips For Changing Your Address With the IRS

Are you moving in the near future? There are steps that you will want to take to officially change your address with the Internal Revenue Service. The Internal Revenue Service offers 5 tips foView More

6 Facts About Taxable Social Security Benefits

If you were paid Social Security benefits in 2009, you want to recognize whether or not these Social Security benefits are taxable. Here are 6 facts the Internal Revenue Service wants you to knowView More

Forensic Accounting in Business Litigation – Your Secret Weapon

Knowing what your business competitors are up to is an important part of strategy, but when it comes to litigation forensic accounting is indispensible. Forensic literally means used in a court oView More

Ten Facts about Mortgage Debt Forgiveness

If your mortgage debt is partially or completely forgiven for the years 2007 through 2012, you could be able to claim special tax relief and exclude the debt forgiven from your income. Here is a View More

IRSAudits – Understanding Why Using a CPA for IRS Audit Representation is Important

An IRS audit is never pleasant, but it’s a fact that such audits cannot be avoided once the IRS decides to conduct one. Once you receive a notice you are being audited, the smart thing to do isView More

IRS Innocent Spouse Tax Debt Relief – Don’t Pay Your Ex’s Tax Bill

Divorce is an inevitable fact of life. When a divorce takes place, an individual not only suffers from mental disintegration but also has to adjust to new financial compulsions that get set into View More

Deducting Your Car – What Business Owners Need to Know To Avoid An IRS Audit

Although you might hate paying taxes for the profits generated by your business, there are a number of ways to bring down your taxable income significantly by using all the deductions that can beView More

5 Income Tax Planning Tips for Dentists

Taxes are as painful for dentists as getting a tooth extracted. But there are ways by which it can be made less painful. Listed are five income tax planning tips which can lead to sizeable savingView More

Understanding Tax Accounting on Estates

Many of us have a tendency to get confused when we have to calculate the taxes we owe to the IRS. Although confusion is normal, we cannot afford to allow our ignorance to land us into any troubleView More

5 Important Facts About Your Unemployment Benefits

Taxpayers who accepted unemployment benefits in 2009 are eligible for a special tax benefit as they file their 2009 federal income tax returns. This tax benefit is part of the American Recovery aView More

10 Facts About Capital Gains and Losses

Have you heard of capital gains and losses? You may prefer to read up on Capital Gains and Losses since they could have an affect on your income tax return. The Internal Revenue Service wishes yoView More

Ways To Lower Your Taxable Income & Reducing Your Tax Liability

Do you have income that you are paying taxes on, that maybe a protected deduction by the U.S. tax code? Do you want to keep Uncle Sam away from your hard earned money? I am about to answer theView More

Most Common Tax Deductions And Credits For Homeowners

  1. Local Taxes Homeowners pay a yearly property tax based on the value of the owners home. What most homeowners do not know is that this yearly property tax is fully tax deductible. TView More

Business Preparation of Taxes

No matter the size of the business, each business in the United States is required to prepare an income tax return and pay taxes on their sales.There are differnt tax laws governing the business View More

IRS Tax Fraud – Defined?

Every American citizen is responsible for filing their own federal income tax return, through what is called voluntary compliance. Most Americans do file their income tax return reporting their eView More

Income Tax Problems – Practical Solutions

A majority of income tax problems start with marriage, divorce or death. Most single people are filing a simple W-2 return. Their return is straight forward either they owe or they are getting a View More

Income Tax Deduction Basics

Federal income tax deduction is a term that probably everyone has heard before. But what is an actual federal income tax deduction? Income tax deductions are a legal requirement for the United StView More

7 Easy Tax Preparation & Tax Accounting Tips

Tax accounting and tax planning are two of the most important key features in personal financial planning. Here are 8 Essential Tips for Personal Taxes and tax accounting that will make your tax View More

7 Reasons To File Your Federal Income Tax Return On TIme

Filing your income tax return on time is essential to staying out of the cross hairs of the Internal Revenue Service. Filing your income tax return early and on time will avoid unnecessary penaltView More

5 Tax Preparation Tips

Increase Your Tax Refund by Consulting an Income Tax Preparation Expert Its income tax time again! It’s when Uncle Sam wants to know how much money you earned and how much income tax you oweView More

Tax Preparation Basics

Tax preparation and tax return preparation can be an intimidating task for the average person. Most people need help because the preparation of your tax return can be confusing and in some cases View More

Tax Preparation Strategy

I’m Tax Accountant Jim Trippon with a short lesson on Tax Planning and Tax Accounting practices that are fool proof to save you money on this year’s income tax return. Tax accounting and iView More

Nine Things You May Not Know about Farm Income and Deductions

If you own and operate a farm or have land that can be claimed as an agriculture deduction, there are certain tax deductions that you may not be aware of. If you own and operate a farm, there View More

9 Tips for Taxpayers Contributing to an Individual Retirement Plan

Taxpayers Contributing to an Individual Retirement Plan need to have a very clear plan to limit their tax liability. If you haven’t made all the allocationss to your conventional IRA that yoView More

5 IRS Red Flags That Can Help You Avoid An IRS Audit

The recent economic stimulus bailouts, declining economy and growing deficit will only increase the IRS’ desire to impose an IRS income tax audit. Rest assured that the IRS is going to do everyView More

Executive Tax, Planning, & Benefit Review Services

Are You a Manager with a major Houston Employer? For corporate executives with major Houston employers we offer fixed fee “concierge level” executive tax planning, IRS representation, and View More

IRS Audits/Tax Dispute Services

When the IRS notifies you of an audit, knocks on your door, or sends you a letter demanding additional tax, penalties, or interest, don’t allow yourself to be consumed with worry. We can get inView More

Corporation Tax & Partnership Tax

For almost 30 years we have helped thousands of business owners prepare their corporate tax returns including Federal Income Tax Returns for Corporations (Form 1120 & Form 1120S), Federal IncView More

Corporate Tax Solutions for Attorney’s and Law Firms

Corporate Tax Solutions for Attorney’s and Law Firms have specialized tax accounting and tax preparation needs. Law firms and solo practice attorneys are a specialty area of corporate and paView More

How To Choose A Tax Preparer – Choosing the Best Tax Preparer for You

Choosing the right tax preparer is one the most important financial decisions we make in our life. Although many people don’t often think about it, your income taxes are your largest lifetime eView More

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Are You a Manager with a major Houston Employer? For corporate executives with major Houston empl

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Tax accounting and tax planning are two of the most important key features in personal financial pla

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When the IRS notifies you of an audit, knocks on your door, or sends you a letter demanding addition

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Increase Your Tax Refund by Consulting an Income Tax Preparation Expert Its income tax time again

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Knowing what your business competitors are up to is an important part of strategy, but when it comes

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