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Tax Preparation and Tax Accounting Services of J.M. Trippon & Co CPAs

• Tax Preparation Services – full service tax preparation services for individuals, businesses and corporations
• Tax Accounting Services – complete tax accounting service for your home or business
• Tax Accountant – Provide tax accounting for business and corporations
• Income Tax Preparation – full service income tax preparation with 100% accuracy
• Tax Preparation Services – assignment to a tax accountant that will handle the preparation of your income tax return to reduce IRS audits/IRS tax disputes
• IRS Audit Protection Plan – Protection against IRS audit and representation in the event your tax return that is preparted by Trippon & Co. CPAs faces and IRS tax audit or IRS tax dispute
• Corporate & Partnership Tax Experts – specializing in Corporate & Partnership Tax planning
• Forensic Accounting – Over 25 plus years of experience in forensic accounting and investigative accounting practices
• Tax Preparation & Tax Accounting Specialists for the following industries:
– Tax accounting/Tax Preparation for Physicians
– Tax accounting/Tax Preparation for Dentists
– Tax accounting/Tax Preparation for Attorneys & Law Firms
– Tax accounting/Tax Preparation for Construction Contractors
– IRS Tax Levy Resolution Specialists
– Tax Preparation/Tax accounting for Electricians
– Tax accounting/Tax Preparation for HVAC Professionals
– IRS Audit Representation & IRS Tax Dispute Consulting
– Tax accounting/Tax Preparation for Business Owners
– Tax accounting/Tax Preparation for Private Business Owners
– IRS Tax Evasion Assistance
– Tax accounting/Tax Preparation for General Building Contractors
– Tax accounting/Tax Preparation for Plumbing Companies
– Tax Preparation/Tax accounting for
– Tax accounting/Tax Preparation for the Self Employed Contact Employee
– Tax accounting/Tax Preparation for Surgeons
– Tax Preparation/Tax accounting for Healthcare Professionals
• Litigation Accounting & Divorce Accounting
• Trust & Estate Tax Planning & Tax Strategies
• Executive Level Tax Planning & Benefit Package Consulting
• IRS Tax Relief – tax planning to reduce tax liability


At J.M. Trippon & Company CPAs our goal is to be proactive in protecting our clients from unnecessary tax liability now and in the future. Call us at 713-661-1040 and put our experience at work for you!


Wealth Management
Trippon Group of Companies offers via its affiliate Trippon Wealth Management both wealth management and financial planning for individuals and businesses worldwide.

Please call toll free 1-800-952-1099 to schedule your private consultation with Jim Trippon, President, Trippon Group of Companies.

Investment Publications
In addition, Trippon Group of Companies offers the following financial research and books:

China Stock Digest – Dow Jones #1China stock newsletter
Global Profits Alert – FREE E-Newsletter on Global Stock Investing
Dividend Genius – Smart Research On Dividend Investing
ETF Profit Report – Active Trading Service For ETF Investors
China Stock Guru – Becoming Your Own China Stock Guru
Stay Rich Forever – Retire Rich and Stay That Way

To order a subcription or copy of one of Jim Trippon’s books, please call toll free at 1-888-853-1456, or order online at each of the links above.

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