IRSAudits – Understanding Why Using a CPA for IRS Audit Representation is Important

An IRS audit is never pleasant, but it’s a fact that such audits cannot be avoided once the IRS decides to conduct one. Once you receive a notice you are being audited, the smart thing to do is call a CPA. Some try and handle the IRS on their own, but you may be in a losing position when you don’t have a CPA representing you. Remember not having a CPA to represent you for an IRS audit is like not having an attorney to represent you for a murder trial.

Retaining a CPA for audit representation is important for the following reasons:

  1. A CPA can help prepare you totally for an audit. You should always contact a CPA as soon as you receive a notice from the IRS. An experienced CPA will have an understanding of what information is necessary for a successful audit. Also, with a CPA’s representation your presence during the audit is not necessary.
  2. An experienced CPA is aware of all tax laws, past and present. They can guide you accordingly and help when a problem come up during an audit. Having a CPA represent you can help avoid penalties and interest or help in getting them lowered. You can also use the cost of a CPA as a tax deduction.
  3. A CPA is Certified Public Accountant that is skilled in handling all your accounting as well as tax preparation. CPA’s are required to stay up to date with the latest tax laws. Therefore, you can be sure that your accounting and tax work will be handled efficiently.
  4. Since CPA’s certification is issued by the Board of Public Accountancy, they must adhere to ethics and business practices that are monitored by government agencies.
  5. Finally, your CPA will make sure there are minimal to no errors reported on returns filed by you to the IRS. If your return shows little are no errors, then you can feel confident to know the IRS feels the same way.

Now that it’s clear a CPA is a must for an audit, you should look around for an experienced CPA to represent you for an IRS audit.

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