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IRS Innocent Spouse Tax Debt Relief – Don’t Pay Your Ex’s Tax Bill

Divorce is an inevitable fact of life. When a divorce takes place, an individual not only suffers from mental disintegration but also has to adjust to new financial compulsions that get set into motion as a result of the divorce. But this is not the end of the problem. There’s more to follow – many individuals have to face a new set of tax liabilities after the divorce.

This is because most couples like to get as many tax benefits as possible when they are married – they are able to do this by filing joint returns. But once the marriage is over and divorce has been granted to the couple, one of the spouses in the past relationship can definitely suffer badly for the tax mistakes caused by the other spouse. In this scenario such a partner is then stuck with his or her partner’s tax bills and penalties. They cannot get out of such a situation by simply pleading ignorance as the IRS has the power to take action against the partner who was innocent in the first place. If you too have faced such a situation, there’s something that will act like a soothing balm for your problems.

The IRS has the Innocent Spouse tax debt relief program for people like you who want to get out of such a mess. Innocent Spouse relief program is the best opportunity that you can get in case there were mistakes in the joint tax returns filed by you and your ex-spouse. You need to file the IRS form for Innocent Spouse relief. This can be done by you only if you were not involved in the under-reporting of income as well as any kind of ill-equipped deductions that had been claimed. Whether the under-reporting was intentional or unintentional, you should not be a part of it in any way to be eligible for the Innocent Spouse relief program.

If you can qualify for this relief, definitely use it as your bank accounts, assets and wages can be used to adjust the tax debts. A lien can be placed on your house by the IRS – this means big trouble for you because whenever you sell your house, the IRS will see to it that it is paid before anyone else from the proceeds of your house.

You will need to prove a number of things to get respite under the Innocent Spouse tax debt relief program:

The joint return filed by you had an understatement of tax because of some invalid items of your spouse or ex-spouse. You also need to establish the fact that you were not aware of the understatement of tax when the joint return was filed by you. You might not get relief under the Innocent Spouse tax debt relief program if it is proved by the IRS that you or your spouse (ex-spouse) had transferred property to each other by using any form of deceitful scheme.

You also need to remember that you cannot automatically qualify for the Innocent Spouse tax debt relief program just because you got separated or divorced from your partner. Take the help of a competent tax professional so that you get the best possible results when you want to file for the Innocent Spouse tax debt relief program.

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