Industries We Serve

  • Oil & Gas Industry: Our extensive background in all facets of the oil and gas industry provide our firm with an extensive knowledge of the inner workings of this complex industry.
  • Advertising & Digital Marketing: Our firm allows you to focus on growth and profitability freeing your resources to expand on your creative genius.
  • Arts, Entertainment & Recreation: For over four decades, we have been serving clients in the entertainment industry. Our depth of knowledge of the arts and entertainment industry is beyond reproach.
  • Healthcare & Medical: The healthcare/medical industry is increasingly complex. We have extensive knowledge of assessing your tax liability in light of the Affordable Care Act in helping you manage finances and payroll for your practice, we can help.
  • Restaurants & Hospitality: Our deep understanding of the thin margins of operation of this industry, our tax professionals have the ability to work with franchisors, franchisees, independent and public corporations.
  • Manufacturing: We are well versed in the distribution and manufacturing industry in comprehending cash flow issues associated and battling competitors pricing. Our team of tax professionals and CPAs can design and develop cost effective solutions to reduce costs and tax liabilities.
  • Non-Profits and 501C3 Foundations: We understand the specific needs of our non-profit clients and their necessary tax and financial considerations of this specialized business sector.
  • Real Estate & Construction: Our team of CPAs have a broad range of knowledge in the real estate and construction industries. Whether individuals, developers, brokers, contractors and management companies, we can assist you with the vast and complicated tax issues within these industries.
  • Technology Sector: This fast paced, heavily regulated area that touches every industry under the sun, our experienced team of professionals have extensive knowledge of technology and the expertise to assist  you with your business goals.
  • Wholesale & Retail Sales: Wholesale and retail business provide unique accounting needs. Our team of accountants have over 60 years of combined experience assisting our wholesale and retail business clients.
  • Financial Institutions & Investment Brokerages: There is no better experts in tax accounting for financial related businesses that a financial business accounting leader.
  • Gaming Hospitality Leisure: We have served gaming businesses nationally and understand the ins and outs of the gaming industry.
  • Insurance: Insurance practices have complexities that most accounting firms do not understand. We take proactive approaches to support out clients to assist them in maintaining compliance and reporting requirements with thorough, precise accounting services.
  • Biotech & Life Sciences: Our CPA firm provides guidance to pharmaceutical, biotech, life sciences, and medical device manufacturers keeping their bottom line as top priority.

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