5 Tax Tips For Changing Your Address With the IRS

Are you moving in the near future? There are steps that you will want to take to officially change your address with the Internal Revenue Service.

The Internal Revenue Service offers 5 tips for taxpayers who have changed residences or are about to move. If you’ve changed your home or business address, be sure you update that information with the Internal Revenue Service to guarantee you receive any refunds or correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service.

Here Are The Five Tips for Taxpayers Making a Move:

  • To Change Your Address: You can change your address on file with the Internal Revenue Service in several ways:
    • Correct the address legibly on the mailing label that comes with your tax package;
    • Write the new address in the appropriate sections on your income tax return;
    • Use Form 8822, Change of Address, to submit an address or name change any time during the year;
    • Give the Internal Revenue Service written notice of your new address by writing to the Internal Revenue Service center where you file your income tax return.
    • Include your full name, old and new addresses, Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number and signature. If you filed a joint return, be sure to include the information for both taxpayers. If you filed a joint return and have since established separate residences, both taxpayers should notify the Internal
    • Revenue Service of your new addresses; and
    • Should an Internal Revenue Service employee contact you about your account, you may be able to verbally provide a change of address.
  • Notify Your Employer: Be sure to also notify your employer of your new address so you get your W-2 forms on time.
  • Notify the Post Office: If you change your address after you’ve filed your return, don’t forget to notify the post office at your old address so your mail can be forwarded.
  • Estimated Income Tax Payments: If you make estimated income tax payments throughout the year, you should mail a completed Form 8822, Change of Address, or write the Internal Revenue Service office where you file your income tax return. You may continue to use your old pre-printed payment vouchers until the Internal Revenue Service sends you new ones with your new address. However, do not correct the address on the old voucher.
  • Postal Service: The Internal Revenue Service does use the Postal Service’s change of address files to update taxpayer addresses, but it’s still a good idea to notify the Internal Revenue Service directly.

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